40,000 acres total

$100 Million Invested

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An American Company Producing American Energy 

Barron Petroleum has invested over $100 Million dollars of its own money to acquire oil and gas properties and to drill some exploratory wells to prove up these properties. In doing so, Barron discovered a new major oil and gas field.

200+ Wells

Barron Petroleum is a privately held company engaged in the oil and gas exploration & production business. The company has primarily focused on drilling oil wells, gas wells and working over existing oil and gas wells in the Permian Basin and Fort-Worth Basin in the State of Texas.

Barron Petroleum currently owns and operates 40,000 acres in the Permian Basin and Fort Worth, Texas area. 

Permian basin

Val Verde County

Sahota Carson (New Discovery)

25,000 acres with

​700 billion cubic feet of gas, or 124,555,160 million barrels of oil equivalent, in oil and gas reserves.